While in Jamaica I was given the opportunity to go along on a visit to the Tower Street Prison in Kingston with Rev. Burchell.

The Father regularly pays visits to the Men's Facility that was built to house 650 inmates but at times and incarcerated over 1700 prisoners.



Visitors Waiting at the Front Gate of Tower Street Men's Prison
The Prison Has a High Rate of Killings Within it's Barbed Wire Fences
An Abandon Guard Tower Sits in One of the Courtyards
The Men are Housed in Dorm Like Buildings
The Conditions are Well Below American Prisons
Very Few of the Prisoners are Allowed to Walk Freely on the Prison Grounds
Most of the Cells are Small
Father Burchell Checks on Prisoners Weekly
Many of the Prisoners are Young Men From Street Gangs
Some Prisoners are Allowed to Have Gardens
St. John the Evangelist Church Member Wally Kasputis, Left, Travels Regularly on Missions
A Few of the Men Have Become Artists and Smuggle Their Work to Make Money
Several of the Artists are in Prison for Murder
Singer Bob Marley is Often the Subject of Their Art


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