In the spring of 2000 I was very fortunate to travel to Jamaica with a writer from the Naples Daily News. The writer, Beth Francis, was covering a story of local optometrists on a church mission sponsored by St. John the Evangelist Church to aid their Sister Parrish near Kingston, Jamaica.

The Church had been going on missions to St. Pius X for years to supply glasses to the poor but on this mission an ophthalmologist was going along to perform cataract surgery on several members of the Jamaican Parrish.



Jamaican Women Waiting at Clinic
Rev. Burchell McPherson Leads St. Pius X Parrish
Ophthalmologist Karen Kaul Checks the Eyes of Rosetta Blackwood for Cateracts
Rosetta Blackwood Waits for Her Cataract Surgery
Dr. Krul and Her Assistant, Joanne Lessard, Operate on Blackwood's Eyes to Remove Cateracts
Blackwood is Afraid to Open Her Eyes After Surgery
Members of St. Pius X Parrish's Clinic Wait to See a Doctor


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