Haiti is a Caribbean country located on the western side of the island of Hispaniola and is one of the poorest countries on earth. I accompanied members from the Hope for Haiti organization to Haiti in 2002 to document their work there.

The Charitable organization is led by founder, JoAnne Kuehner of Naples, FL. She joined forces with Dr. Keith Hussey in 1997 to focus on nutrition, healthcare and education for the extremely poor people of Haiti.



JoAnne Kuehner, right, founded Hope for Haiti in 1997
Dr. Keith Hussey, left, looks over an X-Ray at a clinic supported by Hope for Haiti
The population of Haiti are some of the poorest in the world
The children are forced to live in squallier with very little fresh water
Their living conditions are imanageable
Despite their conditions, the children have a spirit to live
This boy mimics the adults around him
Hope for Haiti supports several Clinics in the city of Port-au-Prince
Making sure of the next generation's education is the key to Haiti's survival
School children are required to wear uniforms


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